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We Want To Learn From You

Join Us

We would like you to be our guest for dinner at Maggiano’s Cumberland Mall on September 16th.

You know that TSM exists to help you make the most out of what matters most in your life,  and we’re inviting

you to dinner to ask you to help us be as helpful as possible to as many people as possible. So, here’s how

you can help: you know we come at life from a faith/religious orientation, but our hope is to build connections/bridges

to our irreligious and secular friends and neighbors. So, basically, if you are irreligious, we’d like to take you to dinner

and hear you talk about your life in a way that might give us some insights into how we can message in a way that is most

helpful to you in your life. We feel as though we understand religious people pretty well.

We want to understand the needs and lives of irreligious people better. So, if you’re willing to give

us an hour and a half to two hours of your time, we’d love to treat you to a good dinner

and learn from you. That’s it. So, our space is very limited. If you meet the qualifications below,

please submit your application for our dinner group on the 7th of September.

The qualifications:

You have no religious affiliation at all – you don’t go to church, synagogue, mosque etc…
 You consider yourself secular/irreligious in your beliefs etc… this doesn’t necessarily mean your

have to be anti-religious or hostile toward spirituality, just thoroughly secular.

Register below to join us for dinner and a conversation. 

Thanks for submitting!
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